All You Need to Know About Vastu Shastra and Vastu Tips !!!

All You Need to Know About Vastu Shastra and Vastu Tips !!!

While constructing a house or choosing an apartment or office, we are always careful and particular about a lot of factors like ventilation, area, amenities and so on. We often come across Vastu tips like, the kitchen should not be bigger than the master bedroom, avoid flats which are on the road turnings, East is the best direction for entrance and so on. We take expert opinions from our elders, architects or interior designers before settling down in a space. Recently there has been a sudden upsurge of awareness and interest in Vastu. People are taking a lot of effort bringing Vastu experts and changing the structure of their homes or offices which will help in making a congenial setting for a place to live and work. It’s almost as though people have rediscovered a long-lost remedy or solution for all their discomforts.

But what is Vastu? Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture which specifies the guidelines of construction and design of buildings with the natural and simple laws of the universe. Unifying the science, art, astronomy, and astrology, Vastu is an ancient mystic science for designing and building dating back to 5000 BC. According to Vastu, it is believed that all the things in the universe have a level of energy associated with them. The concept that the entire universe is made up of five elements, air, fire, earth space and water knows as Panchabhootas forms the basic foundation of this science, Vastu Shastra.  The placement of these elements in their appropriate directions determines how you can harness higher energy levels and help in various aspects of life such as Increased earning potential, Rise in career, Success in Studies, Enhancing life through Good health, freedom from tensions and anxieties etc.

While the modern thinkers debate that Vaastu Shastra is an ancient subject and makes very little sense in today's world, there are some who believe that this is pure science-based on rotational settings of the planets and 4 principles of nature – solar energy, wind energy, the magnetic field of earth and gravitational force. Balancing these rudiments or bioenergies would bestow your home with positive energy.

But is it practical to follow all these guidelines of Vastu? Maybe not. We buy apartments or home or office spaces based on our budget, convenience, and location and with the ever-growing population and depriving land there isn’t any space to follow the Vastu guidelines. But perhaps one way we can follow Vastu is placing things or making small changes inside your home or office that would minimize the negative effects.

How idols and statues bring an effect

Idols, figurines, and statues are tangible objects symbolizing the invisible energy and elements that have the capability to influence the spirituality and positivity in our lives. They are not only crafted for home decor, but also act as a guiding power to peace and happiness that harness high energy levels within the space. Different idols are believed to have different auras, affecting your home positively if placed in the right directions and spaces. Keeping idols of Krishna, Ganesha, Buddha etc add auspiciousness to space.

Radha Krishna!

The mythical story of Radha and Krishna is often interpreted as a symbolic story about the soul’s quest for union with the God. There are a lot of Indian bhajans, songs, and folklores about the glory of Radha’s intoxicating love for Krishna and his for her. Vastu suggests that Radha Krishna idols and paintings create an aura of love and peace. Radha Krishna paintings and figurines can be kept in the main hall, bedrooms or a couple's bedroom of the house. These paintings or statues are considered the symbol of love. But we have got to be sure that these statues or idols are not the ones used for poojas or prayers but the ones in which they are seen deep in love with each other. They make the best gifts for almost every occasion be it the wedding or house warming.


Vastu Tips

Vastu suggests that the best direction or section to keep the Puja room or Mandir is the north-east direction. Hence it is safe to keep any idol in this direction

The pictures and idols should face the West Direction and the person offering prayers should face the East Direction, this is considered excellent Vastu Shastra.

Photographs or idols of our Gods should be facing the interior of the house and not facing the outer door of the house. One should also note that these idols or figurines are not placed in a manner where people walking into the house face the backside of these statues.

vastu shasta - vaastu tips

The idols should not be kept touching the wall. They should be kept at least an inch away from the wall. 

Recently a superstitious belief has been spreading regarding the Krishna statues with flute. It is said that if one keeps an idol or statue of Krishna playing the flute at home then one will face the financial crisis and will be poverty-stricken.

This is a senseless belief as Krishna in any form is believed to be a powerful, charming and positive sight. If you are burdened by difficulties and business problems, placing a picture of Lord Krishna and Radha playing the flute will only bring in more peace and harmony.  It is said that Krishna’s flute takes away all your problems.

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