How to Observe Sabarimala Ayyappa Mandala Vratham?

How to Observe Sabarimala Ayyappa Mandala Vratham?

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala is the most popular pilgrim center , which is known for the rituals and traditions followed in a strict manner to safeguard the sanctity of the deity and temple premises. Sabarimala Fasting (Vratham)  is observed for 41 days.

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What is Sabarimala Vratham?

 Vratham is the word for fasting. Fasting is not only about refraining from eating certain food but also about control over many other activities. During these days, devotees eat only vegetarian food.

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 41-day Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Vratam

Usually, vratham has to be observed for 41 days before going to Sabarimala. It is advised to observe Vritham throughout the Mandala Kalam which begins on Vrishchikam 1st and ends on 11th or 12th of Dhanu,  according to the traditional Malayalam Calendar. vratham is a method to cleanse thoughts and actions before going to Sabarimala temple.


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How to Observe Sabarimala Mandala Vratham?

 Once you have decided to visit Sabarimala temple. Then you should follow strict vratham.

Vratham is a spiritual cleansing of your body and mind,


  1. The person going to Sabarimala should take bath twice a day

  2. Care should be taken to have only vegetarian food.

  3. Strict celibacy should be followed during this time period.

  4. Should do  meditation during the days of vrathamn, which is for purifying thoughts.

  5. Should refrain from movies and entertainment that invokes sensual pleasure.

  6. Swami Ayyappa  ( the one who observes vratham for going to the shrine is called as Ayyappa) should not indulge in violence and arguments

  7. Should lead a modest way of life.

  8. Mind should be full of devotion and prayers

  9. If one can refrain from using footwear, that shows immense devotion.

  10. Kanni ayyappan (the first time goer) should use black or Kavi shirt and Mundu (Dhoti), while bearing his irumudikettu , only on his later visits  he can go for other colours.

  11. Should visit the nearby temple or should perform Pooja at home to Lord Ayyappa while observing vratham.


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