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Brass Jyothi Diya

Brass Jyothi Diya

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Dawns and dusks are special. They are the meeting points of day and night. Dawn and dusk mark the  spiritual time of  a day. The lamp is lit at this special time when light give way for night and vice verse. Indian dawns and dusks are illuminated by the small Diyas . This beautiful brass Diya is a perfect way to lit your twilight and leant evening prayers.

Weight : 050g

Height :5cm

Width :6cm


Warranty: One time free service will be provided in the first year of purchase, warranty card should be submitted along with the product to avail free service.

  • Lighting lamp is most important part of all ceremonies and rituals
  • It removes darkness and shows the triumph of light
  • Brings good luck It is the most integral part of all rituals.
  • Lamp is lit to bow down before the victory of knowledge over ignorance
  • Ensures Auspiciousness.
  • Material : Brass coated with 1 gram gold
  • Color: Golden


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