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Ganesha Model (Material - Plaster of Paris)

Ganesha Model (Material - Plaster of Paris)

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Ganesha is one among the five important deities of Hinduism. He is considered as the God of Success. He eliminates sorrows and hurdles from the path of devotees.  Rat is considered as the vehicle of Ganapathy . Ganapathy worship is considered to be an essential part of all rituals associated with inauguration and starting of business and other rituals.


Weight : 180g

Height : 8.8 cm

Width : 9cm


Care Instruction: Can be washed gently or use dry/wet cotton cloth to remove dirt.
  • Ganesha’s  blessing is essential for auspicious beginning and successful ending
  • Ganesha symbolizes wisdom and spiritual awakening
  • Material: Ganesh made of Plaster of Paris
  • Color : Dark maroon


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