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Shivalingam with Ganapathi - Brass coated with 1 gram gold

Shivalingam with Ganapathi - Brass coated with 1 gram gold

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It is a rare idol in which Shiva and Ganapathi can be found together. Ganapathi, the elephant-headed God is the son of Lord Shiva, the God of destruction. Ganapathi himself was a great devotee of his father Shiva. The idol represents devotion and love of the supreme by Ganapathi and it has many Puranic stories related to it.


Weight : 885g

Height :26.1cm

Width :9.5cm

Warranty:  One time free service will be provided in the first year of purchase, warranty card should be submitted along with the product to avail free service.

  • Symbol of utmost love and devotion
  • Father and son duo idol radiate positive energy.
  • Brings peace, prosperity, removes hurdle and brings good fortune.
  • Material : Brass coated with 1 gram gold
  • Color: Golden 


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