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Mookambika Vilakku/ Aishwarya Deepam

Mookambika Vilakku/ Aishwarya Deepam

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Mookambika Devi is the seat of power and knowledge. Her devotees are bestowed with her favours in abundance. Mookambika Aishwarya Deepam is a beautifully crafted lamp that symbolises the lightning of lamp on Devi’s shrine. It emanates positive energy and removes all hurdles and spreads good vibe that attracts the abundant flow of prosperity and luck. The vibrancy of Devi’s blessing can make family and business flourish and spreads happiness.

    • Mookambika Aishwarya Deepam is a traditional lamp which has a wonderful carving of Devi Mookambika.
    • It symbolizes praying and lilting lamp in front of Devi’s shrine
    • Peace, prosperity, and good fortune are what it brings home.
    • Small Size : Height:14cm, Weight:490g
    • Color: Golden


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