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OM Statue- Brass Coated with 1 Gram Gold

OM Statue- Brass Coated with 1 Gram Gold

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Om is a sacred word.  The Sound of Om is called as Pranav. Chanting Om is the most effective way of invoking the spirituality in a person . It is the most sacred mantra. It has a special impact on mind and body. Power of chanting Om gives immense concentration,  drives away all worldly thoughts and can take a person to a higher level of spirituality. It makes mind serene.


Height  :6.5cm

Warranty:  One time free service will be provided in the first year of purchase, warranty card should be submitted along with the product to avail free service.

  • Om is a sacred symbol

  • Gold plated om

  • Source of immense positive energy

  • Suitable for car dashboards

  • Material : Brass coated with 1 gram gold

  • Color : Golden


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