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Shiva Puri Baba

Shiva Puri Baba

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Shivapuri Baba was a Brahmin in Kerala who spent 20 years in absolute solitude in the jungles, until he started, as he says, to ‘see God as Absolute’. When 50, he went on a pilgrimage around the world, the most part of it on foot, spreading the message of Yoga wherever he went. He was a sensation at that time, spent time as a guest of Queen Victoria, and met with Roosevelt. He then went for the ultimate journey to Nepal, and died with 137 years of age, a life of a Yogi as witnessed and retold by J.G. Bennet in his inspiring book ‘The Long Pilgrimage’.


Brown Lace Agate: Protection and Success. 1st and 3rd Chakras

Smoky Quartz: Eases anxiety and Grounds. 1st Chakra

Black Spinel: Inspiration and Revitalization. All Chakras

Pyrite: Increases Will power and confidence. 3rd Chakra


108 bead mala strung on nylon coated steel wire with a faceted Smoky Quartz crystal.


Stone size: 8.5mm


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